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Our Valves are suitable for high temperature, high pressure, abrasive, corrosive and/or scale forming media.


Every year, companies are spending billions of dollars replacing or repairing valves that have failed prematurely, which is great news for valve manufacturers, but not so good for the end user whose ultimate objective is to improve reliability and reduce operating costs. This is especially true of slurry handling valves where inappropriate valve selection often results in failure. Valve failure is not always due to wear and tear (erosion and/or corrosion) but is often associated with scale build-up or blockages that prevents the valve from operating.

In an attempt to reduce start-up costs, design engineers often compromise when choosing which valves to use. Often it's the "least expensive" valve option that's chosen. However once piping and valves have been installed, it becomes difficult to change to a more suitable valve due to the logistics of rearranging pipe work.

Icon Valve Group is a Perth, West Australia based company that helps our customers with innovative engineered solutions to these types of valve problems and is working continually on various projects with some of the largest mining and refining companies both within Australia and overseas.

Icon Valve Group is a proactive company with ongoing research and development into products and concepts that can assist our customers. Our engineering and design personnel definitely "think outside the square" and are very results driven when designing solutions. Our valve solutions often simply "bolt in" and thereby avoid the costly rerouting of existing pipelines.

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