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Our Valves are suitable for high temperature, high pressure, abrasive, corrosive and/or scale forming media.

Icon Slurry Plug Valve - Full Bore & Reduced Bore Plug Valve

Full Bore ¼ Turn Plug Valve for abrasive slurry applications.

The Icon Fig 21 Full Bore Quarter Turn Slurry Valve is suitable for all severe service applications. It is available in 2, 3 and 4 way configuration and can be manufactured from a large range of materials including carbon steel, stainless steel, titanium and duplex steels etc.

Unlike Ball Valves, our ¼ Turn Plug Valves are cavity free so there is no dead space within the valve where material can lodge and jam the valve. Full bore design can be tailored to suit any application - Internal dimensions can be made to suit Schedule 40, 80 or 160 piping thus maintaining normal flow characteristics at all times and allowing pipeline pigging if required

Tungsten Carbide and/or Ceramic internal wear protection can be supplied to suit extreme service conditions. Sizes: 2" - 24" (50NB - 600NB)

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